Thank you for visiting Espresso Royale Coffee. Sadly, our company has not survived the coronavirus pandemic. On March 20, 2020, we closed all of our cafes hoping the closure would be temporary. However, as the closure continued, it became impossible for our company to remain viable. Therefore we have permanently ceased all operations, those being our cafes in Champaign/Urbana, Ann Arbor, East Lansing and Madison, as well as our roaster, bakeries, catering, grocery and on-line sales.
We thank our wonderful baristas, cafe managers, bakers and the entire Espresso Royale family for your excellent and tireless work.
We thank our customers for favoring us with your business and friendship over the years.
We thank our vendors, service providers and landlord partners for your consistent support of our business.
Some would say that a company that goes out of business has failed; we don’t think so. Since 1987, Espresso Royale has served excellent coffee to millions of customers, has provided good work for thousands of people, and has purchased millions of dollars of goods and services from businesses around the country. We think that’s a success.

If you have come to love our coffee and want to buy more, we suggest you contact M-36 Coffee Roasters. They offer the same carefully crafted and expertly roasted blends that we served in our cafes and sold in stores and on-line. Visit them here: