1. Strangers Project

    Strangers Project

    Big News! The Strangers Project is going on its first ever national tour this fall, and will be coming full circle to where it began at Espresso Royale 324 S State St, Ann Arbor on September 16th from 4-9pm! Strangers Project - First National Tour Over the past 7 years, +20,000 people have shared their stories through the Strangers Project. These stories offer a brief glimpse into the intimacies of everyday lives, bridging meaningful connections between strangers. By creating a place for stories, we create space to understand each other and ourselves. Up until now, the Strangers Project has mostly...
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  2. World Leaders Know Great Coffee

    Tim Kaine, candidate for Vice president of the United States stops off for a great cup of coffee before his campaign stop in Ann Arbor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1jW5W-MFFE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZl_z_qTE3U
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  3. Espresso Royale's first espresso machine

    Espresso Royale's first espresso machine

    Espresso Royale's first espresso machine was the Conti Princess 2 group lever made in Monte Carlo sometime in the late 50's.  Our founder came by the machine when he noticed it in the basement of...
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  4. New Green Coffee Arrivals

    New Green Coffee Arrivals

    Just in this week we took delivery of 8 new coffees from family farms These will be used for Drip Bar brews, small batch roasted Lb for retail, and for green bean sales.  Each has...
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  5. New Cafes Coming

    New Cafes Coming

    Our newest cafe opened today in Champaign Illinois inside the Meijer Grocery store on North Prospect Ave.  Instead of building a limited service kiosk - it's a full service cafe with everything customers have come...
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  6. Real Help For Haiti

    Real Help For Haiti

    You the customer donated enough money to plant 410 new coffee trees in Haiti.  Our coffee shops asked for help in raising money to fund the planting and nursery care of 410 new seedlings into...
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  7. Two New Single Origin Farmer Direct Coffees

    Two New Single Origin Farmer Direct Coffees

    Two new coffees in the Coffee Gem line. Both the Tanzanian and Mexican Coffees help farmers who previously couldn't get their coffee to market.  These high altitude coffees are grown by families who take great...
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  8. New Artisan Chocolate Bars

    New Artisan Chocolate Bars

    We have teamed up with local chocolate maker Mindo to create superb artisan chocolates with Espresso Royale coffee.  Mindo imports the finest cocoa beans from Equador, roasts them right here in Michigan and combines the...
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  9. New Single Serve Cups are coming March 1st

    New Single Serve Cups are coming March 1st

    We haven't been too interested in K-cups because they typically extract too fast, they are weak and poor quality - Until Now! We have found a way to slow the extraction to 50 seconds and...
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  10. Espresso Donates to RainCatchers.Org

    Espresso Donates to RainCatchers.Org

    Espresso Royale was very fortunate to arrange for coffee from the Thiotte region of Haiti this year.  It is a very rare coffee due to the economic, natural and political traumas the nation has suffered. ...
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