Create your own unique Tastes & Blends

If you want to try the craft of home roasting fresh coffee, Espresso Royale has a big variety of high quality, high grade beans from around the world. We can sell in small quantities to help you get started. One of the simplest ways to roast at home is with an air popper. Another way is to pan roast or oven bake. But there are some very nice home roasting machines too.

Unique Taste


Espresso Royale serves wholesale and grocery accounts nationwide and is very competitive due to low overhead and automation. Choose Espresso Royale branded premium coffees.



We provide the highest quality coffee for corporate offices. We place an enormous emphasis on sourcing the highest quality ingredients for the office place. Our mission is to create a completely tailored office coffee to match your employee’s and customers palates.

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People who know coffee come here.
Brucs F. 
Lansing, MI
Friendly, efficient baristas serving up consistently delicious coffees. What more could one ask for?
Lindsay C. 
Ann Arbor, MI
Great service and most importantly great coffee.
Joshua S.  
Minneapolis, MN
One of my favorite morning stops. The staff is great, very quick, and make excellent coffee.
Daniel B. 
East Lansing, MI
Excellent coffee and menu items. Great place to meet with a friend or colleague.
Mark M. 
Ann Arbor, MI